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How To Get Into Private School

Our children’s future is important to us, that’s why many concerned parents want to know how to get into private school to secure a chance for a better education. Many factors play a role in a successful private school admission, the most important being good grades, work ethic, and a well performed interview. Does your child possess these qualifications?

Most private schools will require your child to take and admission test. The reason for these tests is to find out what your child already knows and whether they’ll be up to speed once they’re admitted. There are two tests offered and which test your child has to take depends entirely up to that particular school.

The mission of any private school is to implement an education that will prepare your child for college. That being said, your child will be expected to perform at their highest academic ability. Scoring high on either the SSAT or ISEE is of prime importance and will be a deciding factor in acceptance. There are many ways to secure high scores on these tests. The most traditional is to hire a personal one on one tutor that will ensure your child is well versed in the topics covered on the exams. While this method is effective it’s also extremely costly. Private school exam tutors can range anywhere from $100-$300 an hour which can produce added test anxiety because learning is based on time.

How To Get Into Private School On Your Own Time

Most children learn more effectively in an environments they’re comfortable in. In addition to a pleasant learning atmosphere taking frequent study breaks is also extremely effective in improving performance on any standardized exam. While private tutors also encourage this, these breaks continue to be part of their hourly rate. Essentially part of your paid hourly rate will be devoted to taking breaks.

A viable solution to this money waster is to have your child learn on their own by utilizing an online question bank. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and boy are they right. My son’s learning style is taken directly from myself. I’ve always been an action based learner. Researchers refer to this style of learning as kinesthetic.

Unless your child holds the gift of photographic memory, my guess is that he or she is a kinesthetic learner.

How To Spot a Kinesthetic Learner

They learn by doing and solving real life problems – In addition of telling them how to do something, they have to actually do it in order to learn. This is done because we use all our senses to engage the learning process.We like a hands on approach to things because we learn through trial and error.

If the only way to learn is to actually go through the process, test taking and practice will do much more than an expensive hourly session with a tutor. This type of learning takes time and the more time they have to go through the actual test experience the higher is their chance of performing well on the actual exam.

As a parent, your goal is not only to present information that learn- ers need but also to facilitate experiences that will help them gain and master the knowledge and skills that they need to know and practice. This is why the Private School Exam program developed by Heather Spiegel and Dr. Ralph Georgy has taught over 2000 students how to get into a private school of their choice.