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Great Questions To Ask A Private School

While general information about private schools is available online, certain answers can only be extracted in person during a visit to the school of your choice. Just remember, there are no stupid questions to ask a private school, after all it is an important decision. However, just incase you have no clue as to what to ask and freeze up, we’ve compiled a list for you below. Feel free to print these out and have them handy as a reminder during your visit.


1) What is the schools policy on discipline? One thing to remember here is that public schools can care less about disciplining your kid for being rude and bad behavior. While we don’t want our kids to be beaten by sticks, we don’t want them getting an ice cream cone and a free vacation for acting up either. Make sure the teachers have some say in discipline, it shows that they care.

2) What kind of technology is currently used to enhance the teaching at the school? Most advanced schools have transitioned into the technological age, where you can easily log in and view your child’s progress online. In addition, almost every university out there is using some form of an online communications system between students and their teachers. One example of such a system is Blackboard

3) Are there support systems in place for a student who’s going through some sort of emotional distress? Kids are always up and down, not only are there physiological reasons for this, but nowadays with social networking and advanced bullying techniques a specialist good at spotting these issues is a good tool to have in a school. Although most states have strong anti-bullying laws in place, it’s good to have a staff that will enforce these laws rather than look the other way.

4) What is the school’s teaching¬†model? How they provide and present curriculum to their students is of high importance. If it’s a science based approach it teaches the children about research, facts, investigation, and many hands on approaches versus having them just read a book and memorize it verbatim.

5) How does the school encourage students in continuing to push educational standards? Do they have role models to look up to? What is the school’s greatest accomplishment? Do they have any well known people who’ve attended?¬† If they answer “Yes, Kim Kardashian” maybe you should give that school a second thought.

Other things to look for while asking the private school questions

  • Take note on the atmosphere of the school as a whole? Is it a place you would enjoy coming to often? or is it dull and prison like? If you see kids in the hallways, don’t hesitate to stop them and ask if they like coming here.
  • Are the teachers confident during their lectures? Or do they open the book and just read everything verbatim. I hated these type of teachers in college and seeing how all teacher come out of college, it’s safe to say some have picked up these bad habits.
  • Is the school clean? Are the bathrooms sanitary?
  • Do they have a competent health practitioner on staff? What type of equipment does the school have in case of a major emergency? Is there an AED (automatic external defibrillator) close by?

I think we’ve covered most of the bases, if you have any more great questions to add please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments section below