Private School Interview Questions

Being thorough and picky about a private school choice is extremely important. But one thing is certain, the school itself will be equally as picky when chosing the right fit. Is your child ready to answer any of the common private school interview questions below? Practice answering these questions with your child prior to the actual interview so they get some exposure to what maybe asked. Though the private school exam results are very important in the admission’s process, this is another hurdle set to be more selective. The admissions committee is going to judge your child based on the way they answer their questions. Some things they’ll be looking for is age maturity, personality, and poise.

Another great way to practice these questions is, have your child answer them on paper, in essay format. Doing it this way will help them remember what to say during the interview, and allow them to think quicker which will be a huge positive reflection with the admission’s committee.

1) What subjects do you find most interesting? and why? (follow up: What do you read about outside of school?)
Whatever their answer may be, it’s important that they learn to speak about the subject in question. For example; If you child responds with “Art” as being their favorite subject, they should know why it’s their favorite and what type of art they find most interesting. What do they prefer more as an effective medium? Oil? Charcoal? Watercolor?
A bad answer in this case would be “video games”. In a world where we’re constantly being pulled by our eyes to be entertained, children who engage their free time infront of your xbox or playstation, read much less than students who spend that time exploring their likes and dislikes.

2) Talk a little bit about your family, How many siblings do you have? What do your parents do for a living? Who’s your hero?
A child who knows his roots displays a certain level of confidence that is clearly visible to the admission’s committee. Becareful how your child answers this question as it can be a Trojan Horse in disguise. The best way to answer this question is to talk about facts rather than feelings.
Good answer – “My dad is a doctor and he helps people get better when they feel sick. My mom stays at home to take care of us while my dad is at work, she makes really great salads and I love the way she cuts up the brocolli!”
Bad answer – ” My dad is a doctor, he’s never home and it sucks. We went to the zoo once and he was ‘on-call’ , he was paged and had to go to the hospital. I spent the night playing with used syringes. My mom couldn’t pick me up because she drank too much medicine”
The idea on this question is to keep it simple rather than compicated. Be straight and to the point.

3) Do you have hobbies outside of school?
Is your child a bookworm? is he an athlete? This is a great time to shine and reveal some hidden talents. Maybe he like rock music and is learning how to play guitar like his favorite guitarist. Please note that Guitar hero is not an instrument.

4) If you had one wish what would it be?
This seems like a question that would be asked at a pageant, but more and more admission committees tend to enjoy hearing answers to this one. It’s a question that taps into your child’s heart and allows for creativity to possibly show off their personal ┬ádreams and aspirations.
Good answer – “I wish I had the power to detect lies, I would use it to tell people who’s lying during presedential debates. This way we can elect a president who doesn’t lie to us and will work for us to make our country great! (or a president who lies less than the other)
Bad Answer – “I wish I had a million dollars so I can buy a really cool car” or “x-ray vision…to catch terrorists at airports”

5) Why do you want to come to our school?
This question is asked to see how much he knows about where he’s going. It’s very important that your child knows as much as you do about the school, so take the time to educate them.

Be One Step Ahead Of Private School Admission Questions

The questions above are really the bread and butter of any interview process it really shines a bright light on the person being interviewed. Take your time to throughly answer these questions and make sure your child does not memorize anything. They will sound like a robot. Rather, have them be familiar with how to answer the question. The more thorough they are at answering these questions on paper in essay form, the better they will be answering them in person. Answering private school interview questions is about survival, and the fittest will get in.

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